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Inspiration for Writers

Writerly is for writers!

If a publisher’s deadline looms, a novel’s on your bucket list, or you’re warming up for Nano season, if you need to hone skills for an English exam or simply want to wake up your commuter brain with something more exciting than Sudoku, Writerly will get you playing with ideas and words in exciting ways.

Suitable for authors of all levels, Writerly helps you widen, deepen and strengthen your creative range.

Writerly is for YOU!

Writerly is the one-stop creative writing toolkit and author’s playground from an award-winning writing team.

All content has been extensively tested by professional authors and writing students of every age.

Key Features

Warm-up exercises

Techniques to melt writers’ blocks

Tips, exercises, quests and mini-essays on craft

Sensory detail module

Core character development exercises

Insights into tried and tested techniques that unlock creativity

Examples from authors’ own notebooks

Ways into Character (add-on module)

Unique “generators” for Appearance, Mood, Character, and many more (add-on-module)

A Year of Prompts (add-on module)

Progress tracker

Support and Privacy

If you need support for Writerly it’s always available

A comprehensive privacy policy for Writerly is available