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Retreev Privacy Policy

  • Retreev only tracks your location while it is running (and it does not run in the background)
  • A snapshot image of your location is created and stored on the device only when you tap the Retreev Me button. This image file is re-written for subsequent location snapshots, so only the most recent location is stored
  • The app does not store or share a history of your locations
  • The app does not store a history of your usage
  • The app does not not transmit your usage, location or contact data to third parties
  • You only share your current location with known and trusted contacts
  • No identifiable contact information is stored by Retreev
  • Your phone’s contacts are not modified in any way

This app does not:

  • store or transmit any information that uniquely identifies you
  • access personal information (like your name, contact information, etc.)
  • store any information that could be used by unauthorized third-parties to track your location, gain access to personal data, or identify you or your phone

This privacy policy relates solely to this app.

Latest update: May 12th, 2018